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Helpful  Hints


If we will be "styling" your pet, please discuss what you would like with us in as much detail as possible. There is a great deal of variation in terminology from groomer to groomer. For instance, a "puppy clip" or a "poodle clip" may mean different things to different people. If you have a favorite picture that is always helpful.


We use a mild baby-type shampoo on most pets. If yours requires a medicated shampoo you may bring your own for us to use, or we can supply it for a small extra charge. If you bring shampoo, we regret we are not able to store it as our space is limited. We will return it to you when you pick up your pet.


Please do not feed your pet a big meal on grooming mornings and please exercise them before coming. Accidents happen, but they do require extra time, and sometimes rebathing/drying. Please do not bring food.

Please limit the number of "accessories" you bring with your pet, i.e., blankets, toys, bowls, outfits. We have everything your pet needs for the day and these items are subject to being misplaced or overlooked.

If you have any concerns about your pet after it is groomed please let us know immediately. We can usually make changes or adjustments, or answer questions, if the event is recent, but often it is hard to recall the circumstances weeks or months later.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and always want our customers to be satisfied.


If you have questions about grooming your pet at home between visits please ask-we can help you choose the right tools, techniques, and training tips. Regular grooming maintenance at home makes grooming day easier for your pet AND us!

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