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Cat Grooming


For the most part cats maintain their own grooming regimen and usually don’t need our assistance. A cat may need professional grooming if:


 *There is a flea or parasite problem.


 *Longhaired breeds may mat or tangle and require combing out or shaving.


 *Overweight cats may become unable to reach areas that need cleaning (anal area) and become unable to pass stool because of accumulated feces.


 *Elderly cats may become disinterested in or too arthritic to groom themselves.


For these cats we can certainly help, and although they are not usually fond of the procedure, only rarely is anesthesia necessary. But because of their "catitude" we don’t suggest shaving a cat just because "it sheds too much." It is far better to teach your cat to enjoy being combed (YES YOU CAN!) An occasional exception is a cat that suffers from severe hairball issues.


Appointments are handled the same as with dogs.

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